Painterly Gardens

Photo: Michael Young

I grew up in an Italian-American family whose members branched out from Ashtabula, Ohio, a small town on Lake Erie. My grandmother planted old-fashioned Portulacas on her summer porch, and my uncle had a lush vegetable garden brimming with Swiss chard and hot peppers.  Inspired by these memories, and connected to my work as a professional artist, I am also an experienced gardener who has worked as the plant records manager for Iroki Garden, a private estate garden. I design, plant, and maintain gardens that add sophisticated color, texture, culinary material, and fragrance to a home, building property, or apartment terrace. I work with clients to plan a garden that encompasses their vision and is also manageable, emphasizing native plant material and replenishment of soil.

Painterly Gardens also offers appealing and sustainable plantings on a shorter timeline to enhance a home or an apartment  that is on the market. We work primarily within a 50-mile radius of the New York City area.

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